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Hi there, I'm Stephanie, the Owner of Little Adventurers Clothing Co.

I was born and raised in the small town of Lockport in New York and ever since I was little I have loved traveling, road trips, flying, the beach, the mountains, lakes, you name it and I'll go. I completed all my schooling, I have a Master's Degree in Engineering Management and I currently waitress at my local small town diner.  My dad started building a pole barn in 2020 and he told me I had to come up with a business idea so I could use the pole barn and he eventually wanted to get out of his small business. I told him I had always wanted to do a women's boutique. Nothing ever came about it, I continued to do my schooling online and finished in December of 2020. Once COVID hit I realized life was too short to be working yourself to death. So instead of finding a job in my field and being miserable I picked up more hours at the diner in 2021 and started traveling more. Yes, the travel bug bite me harder than it did before. So I continued to travel in 2021 and 2022. September 2022 my dog, Max, was diagnosed with diabetes. My dad stayed home a lot of the time to be with him and we tried to make sure someone was always around to be with him so it was the perfect time to start a business from home. Beginning of 2023, the name Little Adventurers came to me. I called my dad one morning and said, "Okay, get this, instead of women's we are going to sell kids clothes and call it Little Adventurers Clothing Co." He loved the name and the idea and said, "Let's do it!" That's how we ended up here.

Someday I hope my future children can experience what I got to experience growing up. So here's to new adventures, new travels, and new baby clothes. Because who doesn't like to buy baby clothes?

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